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Embracing Minimalism in apartment living according to Andreea Bolog.

Wondering what to do with the often limited space of apartment living? It’s easy for spaces to feel cluttered when storing an entire life’s worth of stuff in them, but that is why Andreea Bolog, a writer at Rent Cafe, released a post all about embracing minimalism in order to take advantage of your apartment’s space.

She talks about what the ideas behind minimalism are and how they can make any living situation more pleasant. Whether you work from home or just like to chill, she gives all the tips for embracing the ideals of minimalist living to make you and your space happy.

She details the advantages of the minimalist lifestyle by mentioning that it can help you, “make extra cash… reduce impulse buying… move homes faster, easier, and cheaper… always be guest ready…” etc. Check out her full blog post linked below for all of the benefits to embracing minimalism in your home.


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